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Replacement ECU
« on: September 13, 2013, 10:46:06 AM »
Just recently purchased a kit from Cliff Jeffries aka CJInnovations. He is responsible for the MyECU kit to suit 15M, 16M and P8 ecu's? that fit Guzzis and Ducati's. For anyone interested it's either a bought kit that you construct yourself or he can build one for you. You need to make use of your existing ecu as donor parts or obtain a second hand ecu. You require the connector, case and pressure sensor. Once built however, it can be mapped to suit the bike. It can also be hitched to a wideband oxygen sensor for additional control and has an Android 'Optimiser' app for communicating with the ecu via bluetooth. Quite slick really. Let you know how it goes.   :)
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