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G'day all

Anyone had to rebuild their original steering damper? Is it doable or once they lose their bite they are stuffed? Any advice appreciated.


Hi! I buy a Ohlins. The original steering dampers is very weak and low quality.

Christian J:
I'd agree that a rebuild is not money well spent. Aftermarket has a few reliable options.

Bob H:
The steering damper on my first MHe blew up on the first day of a week on the Isle of Man.  We just removed it and I got used to the feeling, rode it without the damper for about 800 miles.
I learned that many OEM units fail and was under the impression they're not rebuildable.
I did replace it with an Ohlins unit (SD 156) but would have liked to have found a less expensive alternative.

be carefull with Ohlins sd 156, it cost me big headache to found mine (same problem with OEM leaking few months ago) , after looking into internet and getting one with the wrong references, lot of people are proposing them for sale on the web, and either they are out of stock or either they send you the wrong stuff (despite they confirmed it was sd 156) . request pictures of the mounting bracket (its where the difference is) . i finally found mine directly from Ohlins France but it was the last one....


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