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« on: December 15, 2014, 08:53:17 AM »
Obviously, if you were here since Friday (three days ago), you know the site has been hit by spammers who have figured out how to bypass the "Captcha" registration feature.  I have removed all of their posts and all accounts created since Friday (several hundred......I think I've gotten maybe 20 legitimate ones over the last year).  If you registered during that time and I deleted your account by mistake I apologize. 

I have changed the registration procedure to require administrator permission, so I doubt this will be a problem again.  I have also upped the complexity of the "Captcha" image and increased the number of spam catch questions from one to three.   If you registered during this spam attach and your new account was deleted I apologize.  Please reregister and I'll approve your new account if it appears legitimate. 

Most of the offending accounts were from .ru addresses (Russia) or variants thereof, Hotmail, and gmail accounts, for what that's worth.  The last hundred or so are all .ru addresses, so if you have one of those expect extra scrutiny.

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