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Mh900e Parts and Accessories / MH900e T-Shirts now available...
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:51:14 PM »
I've been working on getting the factory t-shirt reproduced as like severally of us, the first owner kept the T-shirt so I didn't get it with my bike. The difficulty is the fact that each one is different as it has the specific number on so it makes it expensive to make but I thought I'd get one for my use anyway. We'll here it is,the first one and it's pretty bloomin' good if you ask me. I can get these made for you guys too. They are heavyweight black shirts so they won't wear out in five minutes or go see through after a couple of washes. They work out at 29.95 plus postage and take a couple of weeks to produce. Pm me if you are interested. I need to make the pictures smaller to attach them but will do that's this week.
Next covers with numbered logos to match the bike!

General Discussion / Where did all the enthusiasts go?
« on: December 13, 2017, 01:57:37 PM »
I bought the first MH900e I ever owned about 6 years ago and then the old forum was alive. Having joined, I quickly sourced the DP extra parts I wanted through helpful fellow enthusiasts either giving me links to parts for sale or selling the ones they no longer wanted and at a fair price too, being a fellow owner, forum member and MH900e enthusiast. In return I took my bike to a carbon fibre manufacture and left it there for six months on the other side of the country so they could use it to pattern and mould carbon parts from it for a group buy. I was happy to help the forum members get the parts they wanted, I got the part I wanted too and we all got a great deal so it didn't matter to me that I lost a summer's riding. I even spent months re-vamping the registry and updating owner lists across the globe for the benefit of the forum members.
Fast forward after the sale of that bike, several bikes in between and I bought a second barn find MH900e. It needed TLC and was standard so I thought I'd fire up my forum membership. In doing so I arranged, brokered and completed an X-bracket group buy for some of the guys on here. I already had one so no benefit to me other than to help the guys in the same owners group and make things better in the community I joined.
Looking for the few parts I'd like to add to my second MH900e and the parts have become very scarce. Worse, there are owners on here stockpiling parts they already own several times over, buying up all they can get their hands on and advertising the same wanted ads on Ducati forums all over the globe, grabbing as many parts as they can. You can only fit one set to your sole bike right? This isn't to help their fellow forum members and marque owners though, it's so they can empty a niche supply base and sell on at vastly inflated prices and turn a fast buck. They also seem to have very little knowledge about the bikes, the engineering or the value of the parts, they are just collecting them up and flipping them for the biggest mark up they can manage. I've seen X-brackets offered for $1000 when the better machined ne ones are $440, Termignoni systems sold for over $6000 when I bought mine 6 years ago for $1800 and you can get a bespoke identical copy made in Ti today for $2500. Refinished Carbon dream seconds kits bought unfinished and cheaply in recent years and then lacquered and sold on for $5000+ - every one of them with the flaws that led to them being marked as seconds and unfinished in the first place. Damaged mirrors selling for $650, scratched clutch covers for $350.... Whatever happened to the camaraderie of a single make and model forum like this where the people who visit, help the collective owners group instead of joining the forum and sitting like vultures ready to pounce on any relevant part purely for their own benefit. We used to help each other keep our bikes running, healthy and looking good, it was a fellowship with common goals, shared ideals and experiences and it was a great place to hang out and a great community to be involved in. It seems the world has taken a turn for the worse in many ways and the stockpiling of parts by the greedy few, denying the pleasure of the many is now the norm. I for one have the resources to make what I can no longer buy because of the hoarders sat on their rotting treasure and if I can make for other genuine enthusiasts I will, at no profit to myself and I hope that fate catches up with the hollow, shallow and greedy few leaving them with a horde of parts that people refuse to pay their exorbitant prices for. You reap what you sow in this life, karma is coming for you...

Frame and Suspension / Side stand flip up
« on: February 15, 2017, 06:34:58 AM »
I hate the flip up side stands on some Ducati models including the MH900e so I use the following little fix to turn it into a stay down when it's down stand! I have no relationship to this seller other than being a satisfied customer, this is a nice little product that works on our MH900e!

Mh900e Parts and Accessories / Polished valve covers
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:36:03 PM »
I wanted polished valve covers on my current MH900 as they looked great on my original bike. Of course now they are very hard to find and seem to sell for 70 Euros per cover or upwards. Solution? I bought a set of Monster 900 covers and had them stripped and polished so they match the ones Ducati sold as polished kit parts. With monster valve covers being so cheap, I sent them off to Manx Metal Polishing in the Isle of Man (find them on Facebook)who do a great job of matching the factory finish at a superb price. Result, a full set of covers for less than I could buy the kit parts for. Before and after pictures only show three covers as I had a genuine fourth polished one already!  :D

Body / MH900e Carbon Dream / Alternative decal kits available
« on: September 13, 2016, 07:30:39 AM »
I now have Carbon Dream decal kits available to order as per the attached image. Each kit is in standard red/silver/white colours and contains:

Two petrol tank panels, right and left (red/silver)
One nose panel (red/silver)
Two seat panels, right and left (red/silver)
Two fairing DUCATI logos (silver)
Two PERFORMANCE logos to go under the DUCATI logo on the front fairing (white)
Two DUCATI PERFORMANCE logos to go under the triangular seat panels (silver)
Two by Carbon Dream logos to go under the DUCATI PERFORMANCE seat logos (white)

Please note this is quality seven year vinyl that can be two-pack lacquered over (not cellulose) and it is NOT printed vinyl. The silver colour is the same as used  by Ducati. When you have applied the decals there is no border, you are just left with the coloured shapes you see.

This is the standard colour scheme but the good news is that if you want a custom colour combinations, I can mix and match however you want, you just have to tell me what you want. For example I've done black panels with silver outlines for a customer's bike.

I have installed these on my own Carbon Dream fairing on my previous bike and also the current standard bike. I'm awaiting pictures of them installed on a Carbon Dream customer bike as I don't have the carbon kit any more. As an introductory offer the kit is available including postage for 55 UK and Europe and 60 Rest of World. Message me which colour combination you'd like making for your bike... ;)

Mh900e Parts and Accessories / Fork top removal tool
« on: January 27, 2016, 10:05:18 AM »
I want to replace my fork tops with ergal items to get rid of the flaky plating but realised I couldn't remove them as I didn't have the right sized peg tool. So a friend helped me out and now I have a beautiful stainless tool that fits and works perfectly. If you want to have one if these also, I can get one for you for 28.50 GBP plus postage to you at cost (4.40 approx. UK, worldwide depends on location). Just PM me if you would like one too...

Bikes for Sale / SOLD: Vyrus 985 C3 4V, 999R powered for sale on ebay.
« on: January 08, 2016, 03:04:53 AM »
Vyrus 985 C3 4V Reventon, ex-factory demo, Ducati 999R powered, one of a kind. - 201499250339 item id on ebay. A very rare bird for the discerning collector! :-)

Frame and Suspension / MH900e Ohlins for sale
« on: January 07, 2016, 06:23:49 AM »
In searching out an Ohlins rear shock for myself I found some others still for sale. Both are on ebay at the moment and you can find them under ebay item numbers:
110869311090 - Good price, Omnia racing
272097710103 - Best price - I bought from here

Also some front forks which are out of my price range:

Mh900e Parts and Accessories / X-Bracket Group buy - who's in?
« on: January 07, 2016, 06:16:18 AM »
Long termers with the MH900e will either have already cracked their original x-bracket or know of the weakness in the part generically speaking. The welds in particular are prone to cracking and there have been cases of things dropping off! The solution is to replace the original part for safe keeping with a new bracket made by Evolution engineering. They are a one piece item, much stronger and can be engraved with the MHe logo, the bike's unique number and even anodised any colour you want. In talking to evolution they are willing to do a run of ten brackets for us if we can get ten volunteers together. The brackets are approx. $440 USD for a base model with engraving, anodising an other options at additional cost. It might sound a fairly pricey option but the quality is exceptional and it allows you to keep the original and irreplaceable bracket safe.
I've attached pictures of mine so you can see how nice they are and how they compare. If you would like one for your own bike, let me know in this thread and once we hit the Magic Ten I will see about commissioning them. We have one pledge so far - another nine to go! ;-)

Having just taken delivery of my second MH900e after selling my first four years ago, I'm on the long process of tidying it up and making it mine. One of the things it has an issue with is the fork tops are corroded and the plating has lifted making them look messy. I'm going to get them remade in billet alloy so they will not get messy in the long term and can just be polished now and again. I have a fabricator who will make them but if we can get more takers, the price for a pair will go down. I did a group buy on the old forum for carbon fibre hungers which worked well. If anyone wants to join me in getting a pair of billet fork tops, let me know, I'll gauge interest and then we can get a price based on numbers.
I am also considering reproduction of the full carbon bodywork, t-shirts and possibly X-brackets assuming evolution engineering are no longer doing them so if you are interested in any of those, also let me know.

Wanted / MH900e oem rear stand?
« on: December 24, 2015, 07:18:43 AM »
A bit of a long shot but does anyone have a spare or want to part with their oem rear stand for the mh900e? I'about to come back into the ownership fold and the new bike doesn't have a stand with it for some reason....any suggestions gratefully received.  8)

Parts for Sale / MH900e carbon bodywork on ebay
« on: June 05, 2013, 09:14:40 AM »
Item 260979392706 on ebay now, carbon dream bodywork. It's a good price because it's unfinished and you will need to lacquer or paint it. Speaking from experience I bought one of these and got it lacquered up and prepared for a couple of hundred GBP and it looked perfect. Sadly it then got smashed to pieces by UPS on its way to its new owner but if you want a set of carbon dream kit, this is a reasonably cheap way to do it...

Lounge / Interesting MH900e poster for the workshop...
« on: February 04, 2013, 09:54:07 AM »
Check out the MH900e in the second photo....very arty!

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